Low Spirits

by Lesser Degree

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released December 26, 2016

Recording/Mixing: Kenny Gardner and Allan Davis (Murder On Tape Audio)
Additional vocals on "Vita": Kenny Gardner and Kris Asbeck. Additional vocals on "Mors": Kris Asbeck
Artwork: Kris Asbeck

Special thanks:
Iron Born, Ruse Crew, Snakeway, Lower Depths
Jason Frazier, Jordan McKinney, Andrew Fariabi, Daniel Austin.



all rights reserved


Lesser Degree Houston, Texas

Low Spirits are taking over.

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Track Name: Low Spirits
Crushed by the weight of things I can't change
This thing in my head that makes me this way
Why can't I change?

Covered in a debt I can never be clear of
Stuck in a mind I'm living in fear of
It's dragging me down, lower than I've ever been
I feel like it take over
It keeps me in Low Spirits

Dragging me down to the place that I fear the most
Shutting me out of the things that I want for myself
Holding me down in a place I may never leave
Locking me out of what could be best for me
Track Name: Silence

I wish I could say how I felt
Just open my mouth and let it all out
I'm shaking at the thought of being open
I'm afraid you might notice
I get tongue tied
Trip over the words
I feel the silence, it fucking hurts
Heart racing, open my mouth
Brace for nothing, no words come out


Anxiety holds me down
Locked out of life, no love to be found
Desperate, I try and fail again.
The Silence becomes the only thing I believe in

You don't love me, because nobody will
I don't love you, because I don't know how


Trapped by my own mind

Track Name: Suffer
Love is nothing
Death is all
Time weighs heavy
On my shoulders

We all Suffer in our own way
I suffered through love until I learned it was a waste

You crippled me, when I believed in something
Wasted my love, now my love is nothing.
Bought into the lies, caught me off guard
Neglected who I am, to be who you want

Or so I thought
Track Name: Disorder
All on my own
Drowning without hope
Lost all control, I don't see the point
I don't trust myself when I am alone
Don't trust anyone else
So I stay at home

Something in my head takes hold of me when I am alone
Will I ever be free?
Like I don't know myself or I'm somebody else
A stain on this Earth.
Who else will I hurt?

Stuck in this cycle where nothing can help.

i'm waiting for the end when I get what I deserve.
Track Name: Vita
I've grown tired of my body again
The way that it moves, lets the fear come in
Is there something else I'm waiting for?
Something to take me away
From this place I've come to hate

I'm all used up
This body is just for show
I have been rendered hollow
going through the motions
but there's nobody home
I can finally see the end
I walk this cold earth desperate, alone
accompanied only by the sounds of the crows

But silently, it waits

Death surrounds me
Track Name: Mors
Coming to grips with reality
Wasted years believing the lies
The cross holds no hope for me
No solace in death
No meaning in life

Is this really all that there is?
No chance for redemption
No burning abyss
Passing time until we die
Living in the waiting line

Fluorescent skies mocking city lights
The promise of eternal life, a master of disguise

Your kingdom is a lie